Located in Nigeria/Ghana

Who we are?

Trendconnect Integrated Services Ltd (TISL) is a private limited liability company officially incorporated in 2010 to operate diversified information technology engineering and services. We have secured increased number of clients base across Nigeria and outside Nigeria in the last 8 years of committed and dedicated service.

When people ask us what we do, we tell them that we strive to make your business better, and if you give us your problem, we can solve it. With more  than 10 years of experience in information management technology, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t.

Every system we create is completely unique to the needs of your organization, meaning you get the flexibility you desire while enforcing the standardization you need in your ICT infrastructural need with streamlined processes.

We have been providing consultancy and technical support services in various ICT infrastructure projects to private & non private companies and institutions e.g. schools, hotels, hospitals, retail stores, pharmacy, construction firm, NGO’s and Government industries.


The company is committed to continue to build a solid core competence in various ICT engineering disciplines in other to be able to compete globally in providing professional services for meeting the urgent sustainable infrastructure development needs of the  customers across the world and in Nigeria at large.

With our long-term commitment to the local information technology industry, we have successfully established ourselves as a qualified, reliable and professional IT company. 

We are committed to delivering quality & Durable infrastructure in every opportunity to service our clients.


We are on a continuous research for new and unique solutions that will keep delivering top notch performance for our clients so that they can focus on business growth and profit generation while we continue to support them in maintaining ICT infrastructure that drives the business forward.


We are highly organized ICT team ready for any challenge 24/7. Our Team are dedicated to your safety, and taking care of the people and property you value most in your life. Our customers trust us to help protect those things that cannot be replaced, remade or rebuilt.


At Trendconnect, our mission is to create opportunities for our customers, employees, partners and the communities they live in. We achieve this by focusing on the needs of our customer above all,