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CCTV Remote Monitoring

With your deployed CCTV,  you can enjoy limitless monitoring of your home, office & business property anywhere you go with your phone and PC.  The fear of not been available physically at your site when not around is no more an issue. Monitor your property securely as you move around with your smartphones i.e iphone, android and ipad 24/7 with internet access configured on both your CCTV equipment and on your phone.

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This technology is cloud based and does not attract any special payment to subscribe to it.

Record, capture and view in real time what is happening around your property with your phone.

We have been doing this for people, you too can subscribe to our CCTV service to maximize the very best benefits of your security system.

Security should be everybody concern and it is an innovation for this modern day to give you control over what belongs to you against unforeseen hazard or occurence that may cost you valuables.

Get in touch with us for a Quote and Let us address your security needs the professional way.

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