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The value, importance and necessity  of  the solar inverter has been improving day by day in recent time.  It is a technology that takes DC and converts to AC current to power our appliances. It works with our common inverters,  but uses energy from  the sun  that is termed as “solar energy”. This kind of inverter helps in changing the DC-AC uses solar power. In this circuit, the DC power flows in one direction and also assists in supplying current when there is no electricity.DC is used for  minor appliances like electronic gadgets, MP3 players, iPod, etc (where there is power stored in the battery). In the case of  alternative  current (AC)  is the power that stores back and forth inside the circuit. Usually, the AC power is used for home appliances. A solar inverter aids several devices that  work on DC power  to run on AC power so that the worker makes use of  the AC power. If  you  are  thinking  this  inverter  is  as an alternate to the  normal electric one, then it is due to the solar  inverter  that makes use of  the solar energy which is available in sufficient from the Sun and is spotless and also pollution free.

What is a Solar Inverter?

The Solar Inverter is an important device  in any solar based  power system.  The basic function of this inverter  is to alter  the flexible DC o/p of  the solar panels into AC. The various electrical and electronic components are used to make the circuit to help in the conversion.

Solar Inverter

Solar Inverter

For some specific applications, we can directly use the  DC power from  the solar panel like a cell phone charger. LED night lights. Normally, the power of a home solar power system is used for power AC loads. The converted Alternating Current power is used for running your appliances like the TV, Refrigerator, Microwave, etc. For some particular applications, we can directly use the Direct Current power from the solar panel such as LED street lights, a cell phone charger. Generally, the power of a home solar power system is used to power AC loads.

Solar energy is changed to electrical energy with the help of photovoltaic cells. This energy is stored in batteries during daytime for the operation purpose whenever needed. 

Advantages of Solar Inverter system

After knowing what a solar inverter is, here are the advantages  of the solar inverter.
  1. Solar energy has constantly helped in decreasing the greenhouse effect and global warming.
  2. Solar inverters help contribute to keeping the environment safe, since no toxic fume is expelled or utilized
  3. A solar inverter helps in changing the DC form the batteries into AC. This supports people who use a partial amount of electricity.
  4. This inverter is cost effective in the long run, i.e. less spend on fuels and service/maintenance of generators.
  5. It offers 24/7 electricity supply for your use day time and also releases backup stored on battery for night time.
  6. Noiseless and no serious maintenance required to keep it running.
  7. It can serve you for so many years as long as it is not overloaded with un-calculated and unwanted appliances.
Requirements for a complete Solar solutions are displayed as follows:
  1. Solar panels
  2. Charge control
  3. Inverter
  4. Deep cycle battery
  5. Cabling and termination
  6. Rack for battery sitting
  7. Man Power (Installer)

With the above requirements, you are set to have complete solar system operational in your house, office and anywhere it is needed.

Load Calculation.

All intended appliances loads need to be calculated by checking on each of the appliance for their power rating and sum up the total to know the solar capacity that will take care of the entire load with excess.

We hope that you have got a better understanding of solar inverters with this post. If you are considering solar inverter as an alternative energy source.

What does it cost to have this solution?

Total cost varies from client to client. The cost is based on total load unit requirements for different clients. What needs to be powered, is the most important factor to be considered in recommending complete solar system.

But on a minimum and affordable budget, One hundred and eighty thousand naira (N180,000) can take care of basic appliances like: 1. LCD TV, 5. LED/energy bulbs, 1 Fan,  and 1 radio set, charging of phones and laptops in a very moderate energy consumption like in the home or office usage.

How soon can I have it installed?

Installation takes place in few hours. We can take partial or full payment depending on several factors. A known client that will not default in payment can be allowed to pay in two installments while for a fresh clients we do not know, may have to pay in full.

In our company, we like to encourage all our clients and so we can always discuss modalities in a way that will suit the budget of our clients and as well allow them to pay even more than 2 times.

We can guarantee stable, reliable, durable and scalable complete solar solution after installation with not less than 1 year warranty and with free after sales support if there be any need.

Please for more. contact us on whatsapp to chat real time: 09096911932 or e-mail: support@trendconnect.com.ng


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