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Sales/Stock Software

Powerful tools to manage your business with seamless workflow. Feature Rich and Suitable for All Business Sizes and Types.

Our Retail POS software is web-based, making it accessible anywhere and contains modules for every aspect of your retail establishment. Centralize your day-to-day operations in one, real time system.

Our Software allows you to take an open approach to all-channel retail software. Utilize CRM to drive business, regardless of where the transaction takes place, on the web, mobile, or in-store. Bring a seamlessness that can truly benefit both your business and your customers.

Our Software is perfect for running a large retail chain like clothing and apparel, pharmacy & drug store, supermarket, footwear, jewelry, restaurants & bar, pet shops, or a network of service shops like beauty parlors, a fast food chain, or a service targeting millions of homes like a broadband and satellite TV provider etc.

A few of the expected Features are:

    • Point of Sale (POS) – sales tracking
    • Sale register with transactions logging
    • Easy to use sales register interface
    • Inventory Control / Tracking
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • Employees with permissions assignment
    • Gift card
    • Return Purchase
    • Reporting
    • Inventory Kits
    • Barcode Printing and Scanning
    • Receipt and invoice printing and/or emailing
    • Suppliers and Customers database
    • Serialized Inventory Items
    • Quotation
    • Exporting Data as(Excel,JSON,CSV,XML,TXT,SQL)
    • Importing Data
    • Multi Stock
    • Multiuser with permission control
    • Messaging (SMS)
    • Inventory Receiving

To offer you a complete package, with the software to be deployed, we can supply all the needed hardware facilities such as;

Personal Computer (laptop or desktop with touch screen function)
Thermal Printer
Barcode Scanners
Pole Display
Cash Drawer

For Software Pricing and Hardware Sales, Kindly Get in touch with us. Submit your request.

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