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Solar Power Solution

We are expert installers of solar power solutions for home use, office use, industrial use and soon.

We use reliable, proven and tested products in the market to deploy our solar system with full assurance of durability, reliable and rugged.

We survey your site to know what is best for you, take time to calculate your total load volume so that we can install solar/inverter capacity that will render sufficient energy that will accommodate your load.

Solar components comprises of the following items for installation:

  1. Solar panels (mono or poly)
  2. Charge controller (12v/24/48v) respectively.
  3. Inverter system ( varies in KVA output depending on customer load unit e.g. 1kva, 1.2kva, 1.5kva, 2kva, 2.5kva, 3.kva,  3.5kva etc)
  4. Deep Cycle Battery 12v of varying sizes starting from 80amps, 100amps, 150amps, 200amps respectively.
  5. Cabling and Rack for mounting of the battery and the inverters.
  6. Electrical separation where it is needed using change over switch, sockets & plugs etc
  7. Installation Materials etc

We do our best to give good solution that delivers 24/7 electrical light that is uninterrupted.

Solar system is reliable, stable, affordable and worth the budget because it saves cost in the long run compared with the use of generators and even unimaginable bills of electricity offered on monthly basis by electricity distribution board in Nigeria.

Even in places where prepaid meters are installed and available in the house, we still experience epileptic power supply that we cannot rely on.

It is a good idea if solar system can be installed as an alternative power supply that offers 24/7 availability.

The system can charge with sun at least for 13 hours as soon as day light break till evening and as well as charge with electricity from NEPA(TCN)  as in Nigeria context or with Generator in a worst scenario.

Greater percentage of the charging comes from the Sun and deposit sufficient power in the battery/inverter system that will carry the load usage all through the night before fresh charging starts from the next day.

It is worth investing on and offers noiseless power system with little or no maintenance with not less that 1 to 3 years warranty.

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